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We love our clients, and their words of encouragement inspire us to do bigger, better, more. We’ve added a few examples of what they’ve been telling the world about us. You can also read some of our testimonials on our Yelp page.

"It is always a pleasure to co-create with Karin.
We appreciate how she brings her Genius to the table and provides in depth insight with her expertise to help us connect with our customers in a more meaningful way. SEO is not just about exposure, it is about building relationships with people who are looking for you. She increased our reach by over 600% in as little as 2 weeks! Thank you for helping our business thrive and prosper! Thank you for sprinkling your SEO fairy dust over our work. As they say, you hide dead bodies on page 2 of Google Search results… don’t be a dead body. Work with Karin and get it right the first time! It pays for itself.
With friendship."

Pam Q & Nicky Tanase / Masters Coaching Studio

"Karin and I have worked on several projects together since 2003 and I find her extremely knowledgeable in the search engine optimisation field.
There are many SEO consultants out there that make big promises and deliver very little. Karin is one of the very few SEO experts I have seen that actually delivers results whilst keeping your web site search engine friendly using various white hat SEO techniques.
I have no issues with recommending Karin Pinter for any search engine optimisation work and if anyone has any questions then please feel to contact me."

Craig Edmonds / 123 Marbella Web Services

"Nvision Media Group did a fantastic job on our website. The site clearly expresses our expertise, the energy we bring to our client relations and the work we do on their behalf. It is fresh and easy to navigate. We are thrilled with the results!"

Laura Haykel / iFlourish Consulting

"Karin is first and foremost a pleasure to work with. She performs well with deadlines and under pressure. A trustworthy professional in an area plagued by those who toy with peoples lack of knowledge about SEO, I work with her often and recommend her heartily."

Cecilia Bogaard / Tertulia Communication

"Karin has been, frankly, my online genius for a number of projects. We’ve worked together for over 4 years as business partners on a diverse range clients, from healthcare to finance. Her cool and stable working style makes is easy & pleasurable to get things done even when deadlines or other stresses put the pressure on.
Karin is professional & talented and I am glad to say our professional relationship has led to a strong friendship."

Andrew Forbes / Travel & Lifestyle Communications

"Always a pleasure to work with. Responsive, helpful, and creative. Especially recommended for start ups."

David Mills / Healthcare Professional

"Karin Pinter is simply amazing. She is patient, proactive, extremely knowledgeable and takes the extra time to make sure that her clients receive the highest level of service. I recommend her highly."

Brian Darling / Business Manager, Beverly Hills

"Karin was the person overseeing our website design and implementation, along with the SEO of the site. Both the Cosmetic Surgeon at Aria Medical Group and myself were thrilled with the result and would recommend Karin to anyone looking for a highly experienced, helpful and inventive professional."

Louise Truelove / ARIA Medical Group