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We like to cover all bases when assisting our clients with their online presence. This means we’ll also curate additional Optimization Services to cover your domain names, hosting and other technical requirements. Here’s an overview of our additional Optimization Services. If you’re not sure what you need, you can always reach out with your custom requirements and we’ll make our best recommenations to you!

WordPress Optimization

This is a yearly service that covers:

– Running 3 WordPress updates with full backups of your site files and content to ensure best performance after the update.*
– We switch off the automatic update WordPress feature if you have it enabled, so there are no unexpected hiccups.
– We keep a watchful eye on your server for potential WordPress hacks and spam comment injections (more about that soon). We’ll inform you of questionable activity so you can take further action.
– Should your site get hacked during our Service Agreement, we include one WordPress restoration (any further hacks are billed extra, and we’ll probably tell you to host somewhere better as well).

Purchase our WordPress Optimisation Service here.

Domain Name Registrations

Register your domain/s here.

Already registered your domain through us? Renew your domain here.

Custom Hosting & Cloud Hosting

Every site requires a specific hosting environment. We recommend Digital Ocean for certain projects. Create your account and droplet here!

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