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We believe good design should embody the essence of the person or company it represents.

We create websites that are beautiful, functional and purposeful. We like to work with WordPress and can provide custom coding in other languages, based on project requirements. We also provide on-going design, development and content management services.

For 17+ years, we’ve built and optimized over 300 projects for clients all around the world.

We guide our web design clients on:

* Web Design – from concept design and wireframe, to deployment of an SEO-friendly/mobile-friendly platform.
* Website Structure – for best user experience and SEO performance.
* Hosting Infrastructure – for the best results in site performance and security.

Other Available Services: newsletter setup and design, social media design.

A selection of recent web design projects & collaborations:

Apogeo Fitness / Blind Coffee Roasters / BESThq Beaverton Business CommunityBrennan Smith / Global Collaboration Alliance / Inspired Action Network / JDM Import Cars by Y-Plate ImportsClaudia Hehr / TerraDiversa* / Sylvaine N. Hughson** / Venice Crossroads Dental /  / Elevated Existence Summit / SkinSense Wellness Spa / iFlourish Consulting / VIDC / Elevated Existence Summit (Seasons 1 & 2) / East Meets West Summit*** / You…

Let’s talk about your Project 

(see here for past clients since 1999)

We recommend: Hootsuite / Mailchimp / Infusionsoft

We provide support for other designers and marketing agencies. Our treasure chest of resources includes photographers, copy writers/editors, branding experts, social media butterflies and business coaches.

* in collaboration with Tertulia Communication.
** content updates.
*** demo link, live site no longer in use.

Past web and/or SEO clients since 1999:

Europe: Museo del Grabado Español Contemporáneo / Tertulia Andaluza / Sealair Yachts / Ventura Yachts / Aria Medical Group / Mills & Mills Medical Group / EAMSA / Helle Hollis / Life Policy Group / Managing Partners Ltd. / Indemnity First / Fiduciary Group / ISOLAS Gibraltar Lawyers / Home Care on the Web / De Cotta Law / Premier Property International / Compass Overseas Properties / Windram Miller & Company / Coral Estates (Bulgaria) //

US & Canada: Printer Bees / Real Estate Marketing Magazine / ApeFit / Paul R. Grant Law / Keno Rider / The People Can Fly / Anton Prack / Your Little Film / Stephen Goldberg Law / James Borrelli, C.Ht / Pure Light Laser Clinic / Antenna Management Corp. / Liana Yap Realty //

(Please note we may no longer be affiliated with some of these clients and are simply referencing them for archival purposes.)