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A Niki Owl Coloring Book… for the kid in YOU.Embark on an inspirational colouring adventure with Niki Owl! Featuring quotes and illustration prompts, you’ll soon re-discover the magic and joy of unbridled imagination.

Written & Illustrated by Karin Pinter.

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Niki Owl, Genesis (20th Anniversary Celebration book)
Fall 2015 release
Celebrating 20 years of Niki Owl since his “birth” in 1995. Part memoir, part illustrated timeline sharing Karin Pinter’s personal and creative evolution with Niki Owl.

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lessons in love, karin pinter & joel mark-cover-300x300

“When I stopped looking for you and started seeing myself… We showed up for one another.”
An illustrated reflection on love and life with 10 inspirational messages expressed through words and images.
Written by Karin Pinter.
Photography by Joel H. Mark.

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niki owl leap of faith book

Where do owls get their wisdom? And how do we gain wisdom for ourselves?
The answer is simple… We take leaps of faith.
In the first book of the niki owl series, our faithful explorer takes a major leap of faith by journeying from his home forest in Spain to find adventure in Canada. Guided by his “inner owl,” niki begins to unravel some of the mysteries of life, and takes us back to simplicity so we can approach life in new ways.

Cover design, words & illustrations by Karin Pinter.
Edited by Wendy Taylor.

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